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“Litmus is an indispensable part of my toolkit. Whether it’s using Builder to prototype new ideas or using Previews to test designs, there’s nothing better than Litmus.”

Brian Graves DEG

Hear what people have to say

We help over 250,000 marketers make email better. Hear what some of them have to say about Litmus.


Elliot Ross


For our clients ‘has this been through Litmus?’ is shorthand for ‘is this acceptable to send?’—it’s the benchmark we code to.

Brian t

Brian Thies

Thies Publishing

Litmus provides the quickest and easiest way to test emails. They are essential to my everyday business and contribute to the fast delivery times I provide to my clients.

Mark r

Mark Robbins


Litmus is an integral part of any email build, I simply wouldn’t have the time to do that level of testing without it.

Baishi w

Baishi Wu


At Jetsetter, we take great care in ensuring all of our products provide a great visual experience for our users, especially our emails. We always use Litmus to verify that our emails render properly for all email clients, especially when we want to create a custom experience across certain devices and clients for our subscribers.

Glen e

Glenn Edley


We use Litmus to test emails every day and have not seen anything that comes close to its performance. Using Litmus to test our designs and coding means we know we are delivering the best emails we can for our clients. Great tool, great team to deal with, and we recommend Litmus as the best email testing software on the market.

Carey m

Carey Marston


Litmus has helped us to easily test emails in all clients and browsers, as well as track what devices recipients are opening their emails on. This has been extremely invaluable for us as we analyze our metrics and work to ensure our emails are cross-browser friendly. The tool could not be any simpler to use for everyone on my team.

Gina k

Gina Kilby


Email rendering perfection is now a reality with Litmus. Litmus paid for itself on the first send. I don’t usually put my name behind a tool, but Litmus is a rare exception.

William b

William Buffo


Litmus continues to be an invaluable resource, meeting our expedient and accurate demands within email development.

Marc h

Marc Haseltine

National Geographic

Litmus has been very valuable to us as we monitor and react to our email subscribers’ rapid adoption of mobile devices to engage with our newsletters and offers.

Kirsten f

Kirsten Foster

iProspect South Africa

Accessibility to cross browser and email testing enables us to test efficiently, while interactive testing saves production time, aiding the entire company. Before Litmus, performing most of these email tests were practically next to impossible!

Zack n

Zack Notes


Litmus has empowered us with the ability to test our emails across several devices and clients. They have also made it possible for us to calculate our mobile engagement rates, something we cannot do through our ESP at all.

Jamie p

Jamie Plankenhorn


I love how easy Litmus is to use! One quick send and our email team or designers are able to test rendering across so many clients that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Plus the Litmus blog and newsletter is filled with great tips and tricks—I am a fan of it all!

“When it comes to testing email designs for rendering, Litmus is simply faster and more accurate than other services we’ve tried.”

Alex Williams Trendline Interactive

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