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Thank you to our 2017 patrons

Take a look at some of our partners from this year’s event.

Learn more about giveaways: Win a Ticket to Litmus Live 2017

What is patronage?

The best patrons love email and the community as much as we do. Here’s what we expect from our patrons:

1. Invite your community


There’s no set fee to be involved at Litmus Live. Instead, we ask that you give away at least two conference passes, helping people that couldn’t otherwise attend.

2. Invite your team


Of course, we want you there, too! We’ll make sure your team has access to purchase tickets before they sell out. We kindly ask that you match your team attendance passes with the same number of community passes.

3.Special project


Whether it’s an installation piece, a new experience, an amazing giveaway, or something else entirely—we’ll work together to make something the community remembers.

Patronage is a great brand and community building opportunity.
Patronage is not a lead generation, self-promotion, or direct sales opportunity.

Past patron projects

Take a look at some of our partners from last year’s event.

MovableInk and MailChimp

MovableInk and MailChimp partnered up to host a community meetup, welcoming nearly 200 people to nearby District Hall for nibbles and drinks. Both patrons gave away tickets to the Boston event, while MailChimp also gave away five tickets to the London conference.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact brought two unique experiences to the Boston conference: a sketch artist who captured big ideas from main stage sessions and a slo-mo video booth to the after party. Their ticket giveaway also included a $500 travel voucher and 2 nights lodging in addition to conference admission.


Emma hosted a contest for the community to win conference tickets and handed out lots of prizes during Live Optimization sessions in Boston.

Become a patron

We realize this is a very different approach supporting an event. That’s the point. Together, we can create something meaningful, engaging, and fun for the email community—rewarding the very individuals that make email better. Ready to build something incredible? Drop us a line and let’s get the party started.

Become a Patron